Here you will find interviews with various involved experts.

“I was delighted that everyone was immediately intrigued by the images. There is no distinction whether you have dementia or not , there is no right or wrong. Everyone can express their own creativity in this. It creates equality, which is why the residents start to look at each other differently.”

Femke de Jong

Manager Huize Plantage Amsterdam

Since 2010

“The reactions and interaction between the people is what I find most beautiful, outcomes of their stimulated fantasy. They are really approached as adults during the photo intervention, and that is also very important as they are often treated in a childish way.”

Marjon Nolles

Activity counselor Bloemenstroom

35 years of experience

“The photos in this way are very appealing. People feel safe to make the combinations, they don’t fail. People really enjoy it. The social interaction that it creates is a real recommendation for other people.”

Hetty Verhaar

Activity counselor Nursing home Groenelaan

18 years of experience

“Laurence’s work has resulted in the rediscovery of one of the residents. If people feel uncomfortable we can use Laurence’s books to turn a negative situation into a positive situation. ”

Minke Jaspers

Nurse, supporting functions De Heemhaven

30 years of experience

”It stimulates people, they are encouraged to look in a certain way. Thanks to the assignment of making combinations of photographs, they really look at the images individually. The images evoke many thoughts and reactions, it reflects their inner self. ”

Maaike Draijer

Caregiver and volunteer

2 years of experience

“Where a lot of people are tempted to leave, many people did continue with this challenge. In the future, we can organize two different groups in which the people come into a group where the levels are equal. The good thing about this is that they then strengthen each other.”

Monique Segenhout

Volunteer and chairperson of the arts commission at Vondelstede

4 years of experience

“It is an innovative way for the healthcare institution to offer something else. It stimulates something and loosens something in people. Beautiful stories come up. It offers people a new way to look at photos, which I find very beautiful and interesting.”

Margriet Brouwer


4 years of experience

“I am very excited! The word’ associating’ or’ association’ is the right word to indicate the core of the photo-intervention. This way of working is without judgment. Leo, who is often bad-tempered and makes little connection, blossomed completely. Nice to see how people react”

Simone Aarnink

Coördinator Odensehuis

“I saw more interaction than normal: you see people looking around, they are stimulated by the photos and everyone had contact with each other. For Mrs. VdM, this activity is really of added value, she was very much interested in the photographs”

Dineke Zijlstra

Activity manager Bornholm

“A man, falling asleep from time to time, suddenly came with a combination to which the group reacted cheerfully laughing and the various participants caught on to it with humour (photo of a man in chalk suit from the fifties next to the striped beach chair with the title “the lazy official”).”

Guestbook Bloemenstroom

“A man was charmed by a photo block with a smiling child and found out that no other cube fitted to that photo. He squeezed the cube against his chest and he preferred to take it with him! He and the child were the combination!”

Guestbook Bloemenstroom